chemistry went wrong

Кътче за развихряне на въображението. Рисунки, разкази, поезия... Фен арт по Стивън Кинг - с предимство ;)

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chemistry went wrong

Мнение от BleachCake » пон окт 22, 2012 3:10 am

3:01 ам.,morning madness,lots of bad influences involved->degeneration.
Loosing friends-not really,making enemies-most probably,,,
Am i happy-no,did i threaten-yes i did->does this make me a bad person-not really!

you clipped my wings thank God that i got spared,
i burned your bridges and sent you some pain to share,
i was in places where your name was all in dirt,
i'm flying high while you lay deep down and hurt.

You don't blink but i can see your hands are shakin'
you look mean while all your dreams are breakin'
y'r shouting lies pretending you are having fun,
but all i see's that the damage is done.

The skin is cracking 1000 volts are coming in,
the ground is melting,flashing lights are in between,
increase the pressure but i don't really mind,
this is my time and bullets are easy to find.

take off sunglasses
You can't take off the cheap sunglasses.
drop sunglasses
But you're still wearing the cheap sunglasses!
take off sunglasses
You can't take off the cheap sunglasses.

You are above the chemist, but all is not lost, although you are.
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