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 Заглавие: T. M. Wright
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T. M. Wright

Terrance Michael Wright (T. M. Wright) is best known as a writer of horror fiction, speculative fiction, and poetry. He has written over 25 novels, novellas, and short stories over the last 40 years. His first novel, 1978's Strange Seed, was nominated for a World Fantasy Award, and his 2003 novel Cold House was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award.

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"Strange Seed" by T. M. Wright

A new husband and a new home, what more could a newlywed want? Unfortunately, home is an isolated neglected farm house near an encroaching woods. And each day Rachel’s husband grows quieter and more introspective. Worse, she cannot ignore the menacing woods she sees from the porch windows. They are the hiding place for abandoned children. But are they truly children and, if not, what are they?
Paul Griffin always felt very uncomfortable with New York City’s noise and harsh urban atmosphere. He needed the old pattern, the one he had known as a boy with the father he loved. The small farm house in upstate New York wasn’t much of a birthright. But, it would be home for Rachel and Paul at least until their plans to renovate and sell the house are realized.
At first, Rachel feels uncomfortable with the silence and isolation. She is determined to make it work. But, slowly, inexorably, it becomes clear that more than nostalgia brought Paul home. It was something more subtle and more powerful. It was a pattern within himself, one which had been interrupted over two decades before, one which had to be played out. It was as sacred, immutable, and frightening as the inevitable transition of the seasons. It is visible on the faces of the dark and beautiful children that now come into their lives, leaving a legacy of terror. A pattern that can destroy anyone who would interfere with it.

"In terms of its compulsive readability, its growing tension, and most of all, its grasp of a world where ominous wonders draw closer and closer to its central characters, STRANGE SEED is the best supernatural novel since INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE. It is a hypnotic journey into darkness. You'll be a long time forgetting this book - if you ever do. T.M. Wright is a rare and blazing talent" - Stephen King

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"A Manhattan Ghost Story" by T. M. Wright

Do you see ghosts? Photographer Abner Cray arrives in Manhattan to begin work on an illustrated book of the city. However he finds that Art, the owner of the flat he is staying in, has gone missing, leaving behind a beguiling and sensuous young lady called Phyllis Pellaprat to whom he's instantly attracted. Soon Abner is deeply involved with Phyllis and is wholly unprepared for the revelation that Art is actually wanted for her murder - an event which took place some time earlier. When Phyllis disappears, Abner wanders the streets, and he sees what appear to be disaffected and strangly acting people everywhere - hailing taxis, selling puppies on street corners, pushing baby carriages, and he starts to suspect ... This classic novel was first published nearly twenty-five years ago: it's a hypnotic, spooky page-turner that is by turns a terrifying slide into madness and an effective love story.

"T M Wright is a rare and blazing talent." Stephen King
"Wright convincingly proves that he understands, as few do, how to give a scare without spilling blood all over the page." Publishers Weekly
"T M Wright is the best ghost story writer alive today." American Fantasy Magazine

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"Waiting Room" by T. M. Wright
(A Manhattan Ghost Story 2)

When Sam Feary meets his old high school buddy Abner in Manhattan, he knows something is wrong.
But he doesn't know how wrong.
Abner has stepped over the boundary, into the world of unseen spirits -- a world that has suddenly become a terrifying reality.
It will take Abner's life unless Sam can rescue him.
But now it wants Sam's life as well....

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