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 Заглавие: Harry Adam Knight
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"Slimer" by Harry Adam Knight

Six people floating on a raft in the middle of the ocean, cold, hungry, and just waiting to die. Just as it seems their luck is about to run out, they find what appears to be a deserted oil rig, but instead is a secret labratory... inhabited by a genetically engineered organism that absorbs its victims.

Three young couples carrying £200,000 of drugs to Morocco are marooned on the North Sea when their boat explodes. They end up on a Brinkstone oil rig, but there is no drilling equipment and no crew. They soon discover the place is a secret genetic laboratory set up because Lloyd J Brinkstone, the billionaire owner of the oil rig wanted to give something back to the world. He firmly believes that the world will end in nuclear fire, and thus hired a team of microbiologists to develop a gene that would enable man to adapt instantly to his new environment. Needless to say, it all doesn't work as expected and it all ends up with a genetically altered creature who wanders about eating people, absorbing their personalities and imitating their physical appearances.

"The new Stephen King" - Starburst magazine

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"The Fungus" by Harry Adam Knight

What would happen if, through a genetic experiment gone awry, fungi--mushrooms, toadstools, molds and yeasts--were to go out of control and grow with unprecedented vigor and speed and tenacity, and in places formerly inimicable to them? Knight has pulled out the stops to produce an imaginative and fast-paced sci-fi horror tale set in the British Isles.
The protagonist is Barry Wilson, a semi-successful author of spy novels and a former mycologist. Barry's wife Jane, from whom he is separated, is the scientist whose experiment has lead to the disaster, and the British government has called upon Barry to help find Jane and her lab notes.
Crossing London in an armored tank, Barry and two other volunteers observe all sorts of grotesqueries: people and animals covered with multicolored fungi, some still alive, some now quite insane; farms and buildings and forests draped in spongy shrouds; mushrooms tall as skyscrapers. Barry survives a series of hair-raising adventures and eventually locates his wife, who has gone mad and has become the high priestness of a cult of fungi-loving female separatists. But he gets the research notes. A first-rate and vivid thriller.

"I had a damned good time with this book" - Clive Barker

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Harry Adam Knight е псевдовим на Джон Броснан ("Небесните господари").

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